Freddie n Fannie announced to markets that during the Christmas Holiday they would not foreclose and evict families and people from homes. So kind. Reminds of the time I worked for a company as an invoice writer, it was during a Thanksgiving Holiday which on the following Monday I was let go, since I and a team had finally recovered and itemized the business operations the foreign corporation decided that since they were losing money they needed to cut back fourteen percent in their labor force. Well Monday morning came I went to work after a great holiday and found out I was no longer employed. Well say the least that ruined my holidays and bank account.

Freddie and Fannie who have received several hundred billions of taxpayer bailouts is planning on resuming foreclosure and evictions on January 2nd. I am of an opinion that a corporation that has received so much in bail-outs ought to not foreclose. But foreclosing is very profitable for these two they are betting on a re-emerging housing market where they will have a load of foreclosed homes in inventory where in they profit twice if not multiple time over the same property.

This is sad indeed most of their customers are hard-working just above minimum wage earners trying to provide for their families. This needs to end and stop. I am not hiding but calling for actions to stop Freddie and Fannie from resuming foreclosure evictions on jan 2nd. My question to all occupiers and people is simple on January 2nd who will you save?

Save a home save a family………